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Wedding Bells – Let’s Have Fun

Heard of the famous Maroon5 song, ‘Sugar, Yes please?’ That is what the Western wedding band is like. Loud, fun, keeping the crowd on their toes. Western weddings are not as diverse as those in the east. Although there may be marginal differences in rituals, the basic church wedding remains constant. And church weddings mean the band plays ‘Here comes the bride’ by Richard Wagner on the piano forte.

The western wedding band

The British royal couple for example chose woks by Elgar, Britten and Vaughan Williams. Music and dancing forms a major part of western marriages. In “traditional” England, the live wedding band plays the symphonies suiting the temperament and usually there is instrumental music played by the band that ranges from waltz for the first dance that is romantic, to jazz and psychedelic towards the end.  French weddings are elegant. Being the land of music and poetry, the French keep a variety. Families and couples that are into traditions go for classical. Those big budget French weddings sometimes have a large orchestra. For the more fun loving French, they choose the band play jazz and pop for the wedding dances. Some popular tunes the band plays include Ne Me Quitte Pas by Jacques Brel and Non, ne regette rien Je by Edith Piaf. The Americans are all about Hollywood music for their weddings. They go the distance to keep the dance floor packed and grooving the night long. They choose soulful numbers from Aerosmith and Ed Sheeran and keep the crowd on their feet with dance numbers from Black Eyed Peas. Some American wedding bands come up with their own compositions as well.

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